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Conference rooms.

Lifesize Icon 500 & 700 are perfectly designed to help you optimise and get the most out of your medium and large conference rooms.


A difference you can see, hear and feel

Conference rooms are where your businesses most critical & important decisions are made, presentations are given and relationships are built with your Global teams & clients.

Lifesize offers you modular solutions that can be configured to accommodate any room type. The Lifesize 4K icon series will make your meetings better, easier and will ensure every person in the room can be seen and heard.

Lifesize Icon 500

£5,838 exl.vat


▪️ Seamless integration with the Lifesize service

▪️ Lifelike 4K video

▪️ 4K content sharing

▪️ Rich camera optics

▪️ Lifelike 4K video

▪️ High performance systems

▪️ Reliable and secure

▪️ User-friendly interface

Lifesize Icon 700

£7,269.98 exl.vat

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The new generation of collaboration equipment has never been more user-friendly. With lifelike 4K video and brilliant 4K content sharing capabilities, The Lifesize Icon series welcomes the future of high definition video conferencing solutions that will drive your business forwards.

The Lifesize Icon series for conference rooms will provide your business with a stunning visual experience, meaning your meetings will never be the same. The complete 4K solutions allow you to see every detail with a breath taking zoom and rich picture quality, all whilst getting your message across whilst an unmatched 4K full frame rate.